A mountain and lake view with some feet wearing trainers. Why I decided to start a blog and travel solo

Welcome to my Blog- Why I Decided to Travel Solo and Start a Blog

Hi there and welcome to my first blog post! Here’s a bit about me, why I started this online journal, and why I decided to quit my job and travel solo.

Why Start a Blog? Why Travel Solo?

My name is Imani, I’m 26 and I’m just starting a new chapter of my life, which I want to share with you. I recently came to a pivotal point in my life/career where I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere or really making the most of my life. I decided to be brave and leave my job in pursuit of adventures and new experiences abroad.

I have wanted to travel for a while but was always worried about not having a travel buddy. Sure, I’ve had friends who also wanted to travel but we were never in the same headspace at the same time. At one point a friend wanted us to live in New York together for a year, which sounded amazing, but a bit too daunting. I’d just started a new job and wasn’t ready to give up on an attempt to get ahead in a sector I’d been hopelessly trying to navigate for years. Whatever the reason, it was never the right time.

The same goes for holidays; I used to love maximising my annual leave to travel as much as I could whilst still working on a career and earning. I’d often find trips with my friends very hard to organise though, as everyone’s always busy and people can be flaky. I’d often end up not having any holidays planned, envying colleagues’ summer vacation plans, and going for short last minute trips towards the end of the year. I never felt like I had much say on where we went or the intinerary though.

This is when I decided I wanted to travel solo; for the convenience of choosing my own destination and being able to do whatever I wanted without compromise. I could go to the places I wanted to see that my friends thought were too expensive or not worth it, and find out for myself with no regrets. It was also a way to discover more about myself as a sort of self love journey, and an act of self care. I would be able to do things I’d only dreamed about and chase the ever elusive happiness. I was tired of waiting for the right person or time and decided to to take more control over my own happiness.

So…where am I going?!

For the meantime I’m staying close(ish) to home (Birmingham, Uk) whilst I get my health sorted out and tie up some loose ends. I recently enjoyed my first solo travel adventure outside of the UK in Northern Italy and Switzerland, and am currently planning two more trips around Europe in the near future (update: catch up on my adventures in Poland, Prague, Vienna & Iceland) and some further afield for next year.

Stay tuned for tips on where to go, what to eat and crucially, where to get the best views. I love taking photos and love a good view of a city skyline or lanscape from above, so I’ll be sharing the best viewpoints I find with you. If there is a tower to climb for pics, I’m there!

What do I hope to accomplish with this blog?

I’ve always been a better written than verbal communicator and I love writing but never really found an outlet for it until now. I’m taking this opportunity to work on two hobbies at once and to create something I’m proud of as a form of self-assurance, as well as hopefully inspiring others in the process.

I want this to be a live journal of my experiences, as I’ve come to realise that they are worth sharing and documenting. I hope it can mean something to someone else as it does to me. If I can find a way to make this more long term I’d love to, but for now it’s just a pressure-free outlet for my ideas and passions.

I hope this proves a useful guide/light reading for fellow travel enthusiasts/dreamers. I hope to touch on other things in the future that I hope people can relate to, such as mental health, hobbies like art and photography and anything else that comes to mind that I feel the need to share! Enjoy the blog and checkout my Instagram page @imani_escapes.

Thanks for Reading my First Ever Blog Post!

I hope you enjoy exploring the blog. Leave a comment if you are thinking about or have done doing something similar! If you want to jump forward in time, checkout my roundup of 2019 and my posts about my first solo trip abroad to see how my preliminary travels went!