• Anmural from the Brussels Comic Book route
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    The Brussels Comic Book Route: The Complete Guide

    This is a guest post by the talented Kirstie Will Travel, a languages student and fellow travel blogger. The Brussels Comic Book Route is one of the most exciting things to do when in Brussels. The city is renowned for its comic history and the great artists that have created characters such as Tintin, The Smurfs, and Asterix. This route is a great chance to discover more about this comic history whilst exploring the city, and murals are a lot of fun as well. This Brussels Comic Book Route guide has absolutely everything you need- an interactive map with all the points, a list of every mural in the order…

  • A view of Lugano, Switzerland, from above. A perfect day trip from Milan to Lugano
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    A Perfect Day-Trip from Milan to Lugano

    Lugano in summer is probably not what you expect when you first think of Switzerland. This sunny city in southern Switzerland belongs to the Italian speaking Ticino region and is easily reached from Milan or Lake Como. I had to keep reminding myself that I had crossed a border and wasn’t still in Italy. That said, Lugano boasts stunning lake views, lush, hikeable mountains, pristine gardens and some pretty tasty food. I spent 24 hours here on my solo trip to Italy last year, and want to share how to get from Milan to Lugano and what there is to do in this beautiful city. Getting From Milan to Lugano…

  • The very best things to do in Iceland in winter
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    The Very Best Things to do in Iceland in Winter

    Iceland is a place that is on many people’s bucket lists, and for good reason. The dramatic, volcanic landscape makes for an other worldly experience. It is no wonder that so many films and tv shows have been filmed here (Various Star Wars films, Game of Thrones, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Vikings, Thor: The Dark World and Interstellar, to name a few – we really could be here all day). Iceland is also one of the most peaceful places in the in the world – they don’t even have an army! Iceland is a truly magical place to visit in any season, but to see the most incredible…

  • 11 Reasons to Visit Poland
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    11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Poland

    Happy New Year folks; may it bring you plentiful adventures! If you’re looking for a cheap city break in Europe this year or a new addition for your 2020 travel bucket list, look no further! Although it’s popularity is increasing as of late, Poland is still massively underrated as a European Travel destination. I recently spent a few weeks travelling around Central Europe and spent over a week in Poland. I want to share with you my reasons for visiting and hopefully inspire you to do the same, with a focus on the three cities I visited: Gdańsk, Poznań & Wroclaw. If you want to learn about Poland’s most popular…

  • A guide to street art and murals in Reykjavik
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    A Guide to Street Art & Murals in Reykjavik

    Reykjavik is a lovely city with a cosy, small town vibe, colourful houses galore and stunning sea front views. Reykjavik also has a booming street art scene. Being quite a walkable city, you’ll see plenty of murals and smaller illustrations and tags walking around during your time here. I love searching for street art d in a place like Iceland, that’s not exactly cheap, it makes a great budget activity to save those pennies! I’ve put together 15 of my favourite murals and a few smaller pieces I found on my explorations. Try and spot them all when you visit; and don’t be afraid to look down alleyways and corners;…

  • The Best Things To Do in Gdansk
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    Top Things to See & do in Gdańsk

    This is your guide to Gdańsk, a port city in Nothern Poland that is rich in history. It is often thought to have a Scandinavian feel about it, which I can see, especially by the river, and has several elements of Dutch architecture. Gdańsk has historically belonged to many different nations before officially becoming a Polish city. It has a lot to offer, from of pretty buildings and beaches to high rise murals. Take a free Walkative Tour I did two free Walkative Tours whilst I was in Poland; one in Gdańsk and one in Wroclaw. I was really impressed with both. Both tour guides were really funny and engaging…

  • A Perfect 72 Hours in Vienna
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    A Perfect 72 Hours in Vienna

    I recently spent 3 weeks travelling in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria, with Vienna being my last stop. Having travelled solo for the rest of the trip, I met up with a friend in Vienna for the last 72 hours in Vienna. When I’m travelling solo I tend to feel the need to pack in as much as possible and wear myself out. Having a friend there made me relax a bit more, which is probably in part why I enjoyed Vienna so much. Vienna was my favourite stop of the trip. The weather was wonderful (at least for Europe in Autumn and compared to all the rain I saw…

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    The Weird, the Wacky & the Wonderful – Sculpture Hunting in Prague

    Just by walking around aimlessly or searching for groceries in the beautiful city of Prague, you are likely to come across several interesting pieces of art. This is not an exhaustive list, but I thought I’d share some of the sculptural gems I came across on my recent trip. Idiom Unlike the majority of sculpture you’ll find around Prague, this one can be found indoors in the Municipal Library. This long term exhibition by Slovakian artist Matej Kren is a towering, dream-like sculpture made up of hundreds of stacked books. Have a peek through the teardrop shaped opening at the front of the sculpture and you’ll find that it opens…

  • What to see and do in Milan

    What to See and Do in Milan

    Last summer I took my first solo trip abroad to Milan. Although it’s not a very traditional Italian city and often gets dismissed as “too industrial”, I fell in love with the history of the city. I discovered some of the architectural and cultural gems that the city has to offer. I have put together a list of my top picks of what to see and do in Milan, especially if it’s your first time in the Italian metropolis. My list includes a mix classic sights and some hidden gems. Duomo & Roof Terraces “Duomo”, simply meaning “cathedral” in Italian, is a focal landmark and one of the best things…

  • How to Spend the perfect evening in Amsterdam Noord

    How to Spend the Perfect Evening in Amsterdam Noord

    I love Amsterdam as it has a lot to offer, from arts and culture to coffee shops and canals galore. There’s plenty of things in Amsterdam to keep you occupied for a classy (or unclassy) weekend break. Having only previously visited as a teenager as part of a cruise for a religious Studies trip at school (yes, really), I hadn’t seen much of Amsterdam. That is, besides the Anne Frank Museum, the Jewish Historical Museum and the Van Gogh Museum (all of which I recommend). This time around, I was in Amsterdam for a few days for a friend’s birthday. It was a relaxed trip but one of the highlights…