• The Best Things To Do in Gdansk
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    Top Things to See & do in Gdańsk

    This is your guide to Gdańsk, a port city in Nothern Poland that is rich in history. It is often thought to have a Scandinavian feel about it, which I can see, especially by the river, and has several elements of Dutch architecture. Gdańsk has historically belonged to many different nations before officially becoming a Polish city. It has a lot to offer, from of pretty buildings and beaches to high rise murals. Take a free Walkative Tour I did two free Walkative Tours whilst I was in Poland; one in Gdańsk and one in Wroclaw. I was really impressed with both. Both tour guides were really funny and engaging…

  • A Perfect 72 Hours in Vienna
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    A Perfect 72 Hours in Vienna

    I recently spent 3 weeks travelling in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria, with Vienna being my last stop. Having travelled solo for the rest of the trip, I met up with a friend in Vienna for the last 72 hours in Vienna. When I’m travelling solo I tend to feel the need to pack in as much as possible and wear myself out. Having a friend there made me relax a bit more, which is probably in part why I enjoyed Vienna so much. Vienna was my favourite stop of the trip. The weather was wonderful (at least for Europe in Autumn and compared to all the rain I saw…

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    The Weird, the Wacky & the Wonderful – Sculpture Hunting in Prague

    Just by walking around aimlessly or searching for groceries in the beautiful city of Prague, you are likely to come across several interesting pieces of art. This is not an exhaustive list, but I thought I’d share some of the sculptural gems I came across on my recent trip. Idiom Unlike the majority of sculpture you’ll find around Prague, this one can be found indoors in the Municipal Library. This long term exhibition by Slovakian artist Matej Kren is a towering, dream-like sculpture made up of hundreds of stacked books. Have a peek through the teardrop shaped opening at the front of the sculpture and you’ll find that it opens…

  • What to see and do in Milan

    What to See and Do in Milan

    Last summer I took my first solo trip abroad to Milan. Although it’s not a very traditional Italian city and often gets dismissed as “too industrial”, I fell in love with the history of the city. I discovered some of the architectural and cultural gems that the city has to offer. I have put together a list of my top picks of what to see and do in Milan, especially if it’s your first time in the Italian metropolis. My list includes a mix classic sights and some hidden gems. Duomo & Roof Terraces “Duomo”, simply meaning “cathedral” in Italian, is a focal landmark and one of the best things…

  • How to Spend the perfect evening in Amsterdam Noord

    How to Spend the Perfect Evening in Amsterdam Noord

    I love Amsterdam as it has a lot to offer, from arts and culture to coffee shops and canals galore. There’s plenty of things in Amsterdam to keep you occupied for a classy (or unclassy) weekend break. Having only previously visited as a teenager as part of a cruise for a religious Studies trip at school (yes, really), I hadn’t seen much of Amsterdam. That is, besides the Anne Frank Museum, the Jewish Historical Museum and the Van Gogh Museum (all of which I recommend). This time around, I was in Amsterdam for a few days for a friend’s birthday. It was a relaxed trip but one of the highlights…

  • Lake St Moritz in Switzerland. A Magical Day on the Bernina Express

    A Magical day on the Bernina Express

    I recently went on my first proper solo trip abroad to Milan, using it as base to explore northern Italy and parts of Switzerland. One of the highlights of was a day trip on the Bernina Express train to St Moritz, Switzerland. This is a concise guide to the journey from Milan to St Moritz, including getting your tickets and transport to Tirano. The Bernina Express is a panoramic, scenic train ride through the Swiss Alps. It connects sleepy Italian town Tirano with Chur in Switzerland on a 4 hour train journey. The main highlight of the journey however, is is it’s namesake, the Bernina Pass, which is a section…

  • Stock image view of Turin, a great day trip from Milan

    5+ Amazing Day Trips from Milan by Train

    I recently explored parts of Northern Italy and Switzerland on a solo trip using Milan as my base. I passed through Milan a few years ago on a trip with my friends. We flew there and rented a car to drive to Lake Como and on the way back we got a train from Milan Central Station to Venice. I’d caught glimpses of the city and knew that I’d love to explore it one day. Fast forward 3 years and when looking for a week long solo trip Milan seemed like a good choice, with plenty of culture, warm weather and, a location near to the Italian Riviera and great…

  • Daisies in front of the colourful houses of Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. 5 Days in Bergen.

    5 Days in Bergen

    It has become a bit of an annual tradition for me and a friend to go and visit our mutual Swedish friend from university. Last year we made a change from our usual trip to Copenhagen and Lund, and went to Stockholm and Gothenburg before heading off to Norway to explore. We spent 5 days in Bergen exploring the natural wonders that Norway has to offer. It was our first time in Norway, which is rightfully known for its breathtaking landscapes and fjords. We took a coach from Gothenburg to Oslo and had a few hours in the city before getting the 6 hour NSB train to Bergen. It is…

  • A mountain and lake view with some feet wearing trainers. Why I decided to start a blog and travel solo

    Welcome to my Blog- Why I Decided to Travel Solo and Start a Blog

    Hi there and welcome to my first blog post! Here’s a bit about me, why I started this online journal, and why I decided to quit my job and travel solo. Why Start a Blog? Why Travel Solo? My name is Imani, I’m 26 and I’m just starting a new chapter of my life, which I want to share with you. I recently came to a pivotal point in my life/career where I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere or really making the most of my life. I decided to be brave and leave my job in pursuit of adventures and new experiences abroad. I have wanted to travel for…

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